One can look stylish, magnificent and attractively dressed in any clothes, be it dress, jacket or knitted pullover. Exclusive women’s and men’s knitwear is manufactured of high-quality natural yarns, namely wool, viscose, cotton, silk, angora, cashmere and flax. Distinctive features of Bravadi garments are plainness, classic style and natural yarns. This also includes a selection of designer clothes with handicraft elements.

Sophia for women

Sophia for women trademark targets active girls and women that love life and bright colors. Sophia for women successfully satisfies one of the most important needs of all women, which is to have an attractive and cared-for look anytime and anywhere, both at events and at home. Whether to be elegant or determined at work, gentle and beautiful as well as merry and charming at rest with friends – any state of your mind can be highlighted by Sophia for women clothing. Our designers constantly monitor fashion trends, creating stylish and elegant knitwear that can accentuate your beauty and individuality.

Sophia for men

ТМ "Sophia for men" - includes classic designs of casual men’s knitwear.

Sophia for kids

ТМ "Sophia for kids" - comfortable children's clothing from knitwear for young fashionistas

Sophia knit home decor

Knitting "blouses" on a cup or candlestick is a great find for a beautiful and stylish interior, and its design is a great gift for relatives and friends! Knitted decor in the interior and knitted items in the interior decoration of the TM "Sophia knit home decor" for your inspiration.