Wearing Ukrainian is in style!

Traditional clothes – Ukrainian vyshyvanka is known far outside Ukraine. This type of national costume is the most popular in the world.

The finest specimens of Ukrainian vyshyvanka are made by designer Lesya Chernych for “Sofline” trademark. Lesya Chernych offers a refined selection of Ukrainian patterns for both everyday clothes and festive and special events. This includes knitted pullovers, bands and belts decorated with Ukrainian patterns and symbols.

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Knitted Uniform for Modern Schoolchildren by PJSC “Sophia”

Despite its simplicity and in addition to pleasing appearance, the uniforms are also practical, comfortable and of high quality. Wool blends and cotton yarns are renowned for their hygienic properties; they keep heat and are breathable, they do not lose their shape nor hinder movements of the child. These distinctive features make knitted clothes a regular find for our small fidgets and their parents.

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