Knitted Uniform for Modern Schoolchildren by PJSC “Sophia”

Despite its simplicity and in addition to pleasing appearance, the uniforms are also practical, comfortable and of high quality. Wool blends and cotton yarns are renowned for their hygienic properties; they keep heat and are breathable, they do not lose their shape nor hinder movements of the child. These distinctive features make knitted clothes a regular find for our small fidgets and their parents.

Collection of clothes for everyday use at school is made of high-quality wool blends and cotton yarns and comprises various styles that can be easily mixed and matched producing special and unique looks both for boys and girls. It is well known that human eyes react differently to different colors. Bright colors (grass-green, intense blue, red, orange) tire the eyes and divert attention, while soft colors comfort and sets for work. That is why the whole collection is made in quiet blue, grey and white colors.

Amateur and folk arts provides cohesion between generations and serves as a source of inexhaustive inspiration and desire to study our history. At present, various industries demonstrate high interest in folklore. Creative inspiration of designers working for “Sophia” company, their pursuit of beauty as well as ability to assign deep artistic meaning to ordinary items have found vivid manifestations in the confection and decoration of Ukrainian national costume – various pullovers with elements of vyshyvanka for boys and girls, tunics, skirts and dresses. Popular art offers everyone a valuable opportunity to find its own way for self-expression. Ukrainian vyshyvanka is known far outside our country. This type of national clothes is one of the most popular in the world. There is a fantastic selection of Ukrainian traditional patterns that suit both everyday school uniform and evening clothes. This includes knitted pullovers, bands, belts decorated with Ukrainian patterns and symbols.